Euro Under Dark Clouds as Trump Threatens Auto Tariffs

The European Union is in a very precarious position, and Euro Under Dark Clouds as Trump Threatens Auto Tariffs could tip it over. In fact, this has been warning signs for years now, and it seems that the world is starting to take notice. No doubt that this is the last chance for the EU to save its institutions from financial collapse. At this point in time, the bottom line is just simple: “You either bail out the EU or it blows up.”

You may be thinking that this is a classic situation where your favorite European soccer team can pull off an upset in the World Cup. Yes, they have done this before, but so have all the other huge financial groups in the world, and this is not their only advantage. It is simply that the EU has the unquestioned support of its member countries, with Germany and France being the top two in the number of citizens supporting it in the polls.

The question becomes, how can the EU survive such threats to its future? If the United States or China gets through with all the threats, then the odds are that the EU will be the first group of countries to go the way of the dinosaurs.

The truth is that it could get much worse than a financial meltdown. It could get into civil war, with hundreds of millions of people taking to the streets demanding that their leaders resign, and many threatening a second world war. Now, there is no denying that war is not likely to happen. It will be a free choice between chaos and a democratic government, which could become a one-world government with euro currency.

At this point, it is hard to see how Europe can survive. But there is one thing that is possible. It is possible for Europe to remain unified as one, while still maintaining the necessary agreements that make it as a single economic unit. What would this mean for the rest of the world?

Well, the first step in Euro Under Dark Clouds is the US government becoming so angry with Europe, as to actually threaten it with war. The United States has a special relationship with Europe, but at this point in time, the United States has not handled it right, and that is because the United States does not like what Europe is doing to it. That means that there will have to be some sort of plan put in place by the United States, if it wants to avoid the current turmoil.

After all, this is something which it has worked on for years, and there is no reason why it cannot work out the rest of the way. In fact, we all know that the United States can not handle the problems that it is dealing with.

Euro Under Dark Clouds however, means that the United States can then stand up to Europe and try to stop it from doing whatever it is that it does not want to do. With Donald Trump is threatening to hit the jackpot, there is nothing that can be done to change the course of events.

To recap, the United States, if provoked, could try to take away some of the powers which it currently has in Europe, but the real problem is that Euro Under Dark Clouds is a Europe which has a very weak leader in place. There is no one else in the place which is capable of driving the European economy towards its own demise. And yet, as soon as there is chaos, the rest of the world is going to pick up the slack, and it is really not going to care what happens to the EU as long as it gets its way.

The problem for the rest of the world is that the major economies of Europe are now part of a large market. This is not like when they were small, and many of them had very limited markets to sell their goods in.

So, at this point in time, it is almost impossible for Europe to avoid its downfall. All it can do is maintain a few, tiny markets, and hope that the rest of the world does not pick up on the changes in the EU. and decides to support it instead.