Gold Prices Rise Again as Market Eyes Next WHO Coronavirus Meet

Gold prices are once again rising and this time, it is not just speculators selling their futures. The great time in the market is also being driven by stock market traders who are betting on the next Chinese who can raise the paper gold price even higher, making it much more lucrative for them.

This is actually the third instance of rising prices of stocks and commodities in the past two weeks as markets like the S&P 500 and the NYSE have been meeting with the very same virus that is killing the European stock markets. The exact nature of what has been killing the stocks is not yet known, but experts are unanimous that the virus could be the H5N1 which the Chinese are not yet in control of. The H5N1 had never been found in the United States before.

As it was discovered in China, this virus is similar to that which makes the human population to go into a long bout of flu that can kill them dead within 48 hours. It is the perfect recipe for the people who are selling futures to make money if stocks begin to rise. In fact, they might want to double up on their investment because the virus may already be present in the stock market there.

If you are not aware of how this virus works, or just don’t want to bet against the odds and wait for the gold price to rise again as market watchers wait for who coronavirus meet, then you should at least know why the gold price has been rising again after falling again earlier in the week. It was down due to a global trading freeze over fears that it would spread. Here is a quick rundown on the latest happenings.

Virologist Dr. Bruce Aylward has discovered that the Chinese have it. The virus first made an appearance in a hospital in the eastern city of Shanghai and the people there were able to isolate it and now China has taken the matter very seriously. The virus is said to be capable of destroying the human brain which means that humans can die from it.

Dr. Aylward says that the stocks that fell in the last few days as market watchers waited for who coronavirus meet are starting to climb again, at least in the stock market. With the economic slowdown already set in motion, it’s no wonder why the stock market is starting to rise.

The virus is spreading into European stock markets where in the virus killed off more than half of the humans in the affected countries. The problem is caused by a bacteria called the coronavirus. The best way to stop the virus from being passed on is to treat those who have been infected before it spreads.

The Chinese have been practicing a form of quarantine, so it is possible that the virus could continue to spread. But with the economic slowdown, the virus is much more likely to spread across borders. And because of this, the entire world may be in danger.

Stock markets everywhere are being shaken by the fact that there is a larger problem happening and that is not a speculation. And the price of stocks is starting to climb once again. Will it be another outbreak, or is it possible that the next virus could do even more damage?

With this market is going up again, you might want to go ahead and buy another share if you have yet to do so. But remember, that after the next Chinese who coronavirus meet, things are going to get really tricky for everybody.

The outbreak that Dr. Aylward discoveredin Shanghai started with no warning and ended with the deaths of thousands of people. So now the public and the government are saying that unless something is done, the problem is only going to get worse.