US Dollar Selling Streak May Pause if RNC Sparks Haven Demand

A US Dollar selling streak may pause during the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland. However, the US Dollar is not going anywhere anytime soon. This article will provide a brief explanation of the economic factors that could affect the US Dollar in the near future.

Political Situation: President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner may be heading into a compromise agreement to avert a partial government shutdown. The agreement will likely include a new budget and tax plan, but it will likely be less aggressive than the one proposed by President Obama earlier this week. On the other hand, Speaker Boehner may push for more radical change such as a balanced budget.

{T US Dollar Selling Streak May Pause if RNC Sparks Haven What Does This Mean For You? As the US Dollar is not expected to fall below 70 cents on the dollar anytime soon, it is still advisable to protect your portfolio with a portfolio defense, gold and foreign exchange strategy. If the Republicans win the Presidential election, do not expect a sudden drop in the value of the USD.