WTI recovers amid fresh trade/political risks

A remarkable series of eleven consecutive sessions of lower highs, the market now also has higher daily lows and higher highs. While it continues to post a series of higher daily lows, the bulls will remain in control, meaning yesterday’s low at $ 1343 is important to watch. Certainly from a short-term perspective, it swings higher, but there is now a band of resistance from the old lows of March in the game. For the time being it still finds its feet, but the bulls are fighting. It would also constitute a decisive new downward trend in the medium term. European markets are strong in early movements, but, as always, seem to show a more muted response.

Momentum indicators are clearly still influenced by Thursday’s huge sell-off and still seem to be advancing negatively. They are sterec configured with corrections that have been consistently used as a new opportunity to purchase in the past few weeks. They have retained a very slight negative bias within that period, but are broadly a reflection of a range, with the RSI consistently failing at 60 and then falling into the low 30s. They are now starting to deteriorate, with the MACD line ready to cross to blen again and the Stochastics are on the eve of a confirmed short-term sales signal. They have fallen again, suggesting that rallies remain a chance to sell. It has been designed to be used as a medium-sized business in the country, in RSI and in Stochastics in bullish configuration.

China plans to spend $ 10 billion annually on smart grid investments. It has promised that its revised GPA offer would include not only commitments for purchases by central government, but also purchases by sub-central entities. It also undertook to purchase exclusively on commercial grounds. It has taken revenge with $ 34 billion of its own rates on American goods. It undertook that purchases of smart grid products and technologies be made solely for commercial reasons and without discrimination against foreign companies. It will also ensure that foreign stakeholders are given full opportunities to participate in an open, transparent process for setting standards for smart networks. Strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights China has committed itself to strengthening the enforcement of intellectual property rights to protect innovative industries and the jobs they create.

In the background, Chinese exports and imports rose more than expected. There may also be import restrictions for certain goods and services and you must ensure that all proposed exports are permitted under the laws of the local country. Exporting means more opportunities, but also entails greater risks. US agricultural exports to China last year amounted to more than $ 12 billion, including soybeans, cotton and wheat. Unfortunately, many exporters have eroded their profit margins or even lost money due to exchange rate fluctuations.